Spinal Decompression


What is the KDT Spinal Decompression treatment?

The KDT decompression treatment is a non-surgical treatment that specifically was engineered to provide relief of pain, sciatica and other symptoms associated with Herniated Discs, Bulging Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease and protruding discs. It was designed to aid healthcare providers in their efforts in treating low back (lumbar) pain. Treatments provide relief to patients suffering from injuries that happen due to nerve compression by applying equal amount of pressure on the vertebrate columns, by stretching the spine, this creates a gap in between the discs, and with improved flow of nutrients through both the vertebrate columns of spine the injuries heal slowly and steadily.”

There is no such thing as a cure-all. However, spinal decompression can be used to address a wide range of aches and pains. Problems with your spine can result in pain throughout the body. Spinal decompression, among other forms of chiropractic care, can help improve spinal health, with equally widespread results. If you or your loved ones are suffering from headaches, numbness in the leg, back pain, neck pain, or various other musculoskeletal aches, you should work with a chiropractor. These experts can provide pain relief that doesn’t depend on medication. If you’re interested in spinal decompression in Wilmington, DE, come see Dr. Juewuo Reeves at Quest Chiropractic.

How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

Spinal decompression involves the use of specialized equipment to gently but steadily pull your spine in opposite directions while you are lying down. At Quest Chiropractic, we use the KDT Spinal Decompression System, which is one of the most advanced and effective decompression systems on the market.

As the spine is gently stretched out, pressure on the discs between the vertebrae is reduced. This makes spinal decompression especially effective at treating conditions like degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. A chiropractor can work with you to ensure a proper approach to spinal decompression. You may also combine this treatment with other forms of care, like chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue mobilization, and therapeutic exercises.

If you’re interested in spinal decompression in Wilmington, DE, come see Dr. Reeves at Quest Chiropractic.

What Can Spinal Decompression Treat?

Spinal decompression can treat many different conditions. It’s effective for addressing back and neck pain, which should come as no surprise. However, it may also prove effective for reducing headaches, numbness in the leg, and more. For example, numbness in the leg is often due to pressure on the sciatic nerve in your lower back from a bulging disc. By decompressing the spine, a chiropractor may be able to reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve, thus relieving the issues in your leg. Tension headaches can be caused by strained muscles in the neck, which in turn can be addressed with spinal decompression.

It may also be possible to address degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, posterior facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, and more. Ultimately, spinal decompression can help with nerve pain throughout the body. Since chiropractors work to address the underlying issues that cause pain, rather than simply trying to block pain signals (like many medications), many patients enjoy lasting relief. If you’d like to try spinal decompression in Wilmington, DE, call (302) 225 1460 to reach Dr. Reeves at Quest Chiropractic.

What We Treat

Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain, including chronic pain, can be treated effectively through disc decompression.

Herniated Disc

Disc decompression therapy creates negative pressure on the discs of the spine, effectively pulling them back into place.

Worn Spinal Joints

Also known as posterior facet syndrome, worn spinal joints have shown a reduction in symptoms with disc decompression.


Disc decompression can reduce compression of the Sciatic nerve and reduce symptoms of pain and spasms.

Degenerated Discs

By gently stretching the spine, disc decompression reduces symptoms of degenerative disc disease by reducing pressure in the spine.

Spinal Stenosis

Disc decompression is a non-invasive treatment proven effective at treating spinal stenosis and relieving symptoms.


Through disc decompression, chiropractors can relieve pain and reduce the severity of chronic headaches.

Nerve Pain

Disc decompression therapy is used by chiropractors to relieve compression of the nerves, reducing pain and inflammation.





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