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Dr. Juewuo Reeves at Quest Chiropractic serving Wilmington, DE, has been providing his community with expert chiropractic care since May 2023. Our mission is to help patients fulfill their optimal health potential by combining a wellness-enhancing lifestyle with regular chiropractic treatments, allowing the body to heal and regulate naturally.

Before opening his practice in the historic Independence Mall on Route 202, Dr. Reeves graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree Magna Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta, GA.

With a thirst for learning, Dr. Reeves participated in additional professional development and chiropractic certification courses. Likewise, he used these opportunities to travel through 15 states and many cities in a quest to learn about chiropractic from the best healthcare educators he could find.

Consequently, he is now certified by the Council on Extremity Adjusting as an extremity practitioner. He is also certified as a practitioner of Applied Kinesiology. This additional training allowed Dr. Reeves invaluable insights into how to treat musculoskeletal conditions of the spine and extremities more successfully and effectively. Today, Dr. Reeves always puts his patients first and is willing to learn and use a wide range of cutting-edge treatments and chiropractic techniques for their benefit and his improvement. 

  • To successfully treat these conditions, Quest Chiropractic (Dr. Reeves) offers:
    • Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations
    • Spinal decompression for disc issues 
    • Rehab exercises for stabilization and strengthening of the body. 
    • Soft tissue mobilization for:
      •     Muscular tension
      •     Spasms
      •     Fascia adhesions
  • Quest Chiropractic, serving Wilmington, DE, regularly sees patients suffering from:
    • Auto Injuries 
    • Work injuries, including worker’s compensation cases. 
    • Sports injuries 
    • Back and neck pain 
    • Herniated discs 
    • Radiculopathy 
    • Headaches 
    • Sciatica

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help our patients fulfill their potential by promoting a wellness-enhancing lifestyle, including regular chiropractic treatments to support the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself. 

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  • dr-reeves
    Dr. Juewuo Reeves

    Dr. Reeves is always willing to learn new forms of treatment and techniques that will benefit his patients, this includes methods of neurology, therapy, chiropractic technique and so on. Dr. Reeves is always willing to do what is necessary to benefit his patients.

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    - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bernard
  • Dr. Reeves has helped me identify holistic methods to resolve several physical ailments. Highly recommended!

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  • My experience with Quest Chiropractics was very good.

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